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Our Program

Postural Bodyworks Institute is a program developed from what we have learned as business owners of a professional clinic of massage therapy for 12+ years.  We opened PBI as a result of hiring therapists and finding that they could have been taught more when they went to school.  At our professional clinic we had started an in-house education program to help students gather more information to give them a jump start on their career.  Very often as the therapists were being taught in the education program we heard, “Why didn’t we learn this in school?”  That was a good question.  Based on that we took that education program adjusted it, reworked and broadened it so that we could teach a person from the beginning. 

Our Curriculum:

Our 766 hour program meets all the requirements for MBLEx exam for state licensure.  This course and curriculum will also allow any graduate the ability to become board certified with the NCBTMB once they acquire 250 hours of working experience. 

The class list is as follows:

Anatomy & Physiology 1, 2, &3


Pathology 40 hours
Massage Theory and History 20 hours
Massage Therapy 1 & 2
164 hours
Neuromuscular Therapy 32 hours
Postural Assessment and Movement Evaluation 20 hours
Structural Bodywork 1 & 2 44 hours
Hydrotherapy 24 hours
Sports Massage
40 hours
Business 20 hours
16 hours
Alabama Law, Ethics, and Professional Development
32 hours
Concepts of Energetic Anatomy
8 hours
Student Clinic, Outreach and Seated Massage
126 hours
First Aid and CPR 8 hours
Total: 766 hours


We want to explain a few of our education program choices:

Neuromuscular Therapy:  NMT is the in-depth study of trigger points, the referral patterns they follow and how to treat them effectively. This therapy is a major component in helping people deal with a wide variety of pain conditions and is a very common practice in modern bodywork therapies.

Sports Massage: Most schools only cover 15 to 20 hours of sports therapy.  PBI has seen that a vast number of people enjoy their weekend activities, practice hard at their sports and hobbies, or are involved in high intensity exercise programs. Therapists need to understand the distinct differences of how the body is used throughout a wide variety of athletic environments, as well as the benefits of targeted sports therapy.

Postural Assessment and Movement Evaluation:  This is the process of evaluating the body through visual assessment to understand how it functions as a complete unit. By observing both standing and walking patterns, students will be able to formulate better treatment options and provide sessions that have a bigger impact on their client's well being.

Structural Bodywork 1 & 2: The focus of this advanced form of therapy is to apply the use of Myofascial Release, alongside many of the above mentioned techniques and therapies, in very well organized approach to create long lasting improvements for clients. By properly assessing and evaluating a client's underlying circumstances, students will be able to make far more educated decisions on how to best help their clients with any pain or movement conditions.


Education Tools:

Teaching will come from 2 different methods, lecture and hands-on. 
A variety of tools are used to help students to retain the information and questions are always desired over a lack of understanding.

Enrollment is limited so that each student can receive individualized attention.





State of Alabama Approved Massage Therapy School





NCBTMB Approved School


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